Exel Industrial is an Engineering and Services company born in Madrid in 1990. It was created by a group of engineers with the objective of satisfying the needs and demands of customers in the field of industrial electronics.

From the beginning, we wanted to be more than service providers. Being with our customers is what makes us evolve and pay better attention to the most advanced products every day, creating customized solutions. Today EXEL supplies and starts up DC and AC speed drives, PLC’s-based control systems, electrical cabinets, active filters, UPS’s and all kinds of quality industrial equipment.

This philosophy has allowed us to grow and collaborate with multiple companies. We work in many industries: paper, cement, metallurgy, food, water, plastic, cranes, distribution and power generation, renewable energy, etc., both in Spain and abroad.

And the goal, regardless of the sector, is always the same: to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. In that way we have served hundreds of customers who trust us since our foundation.