We have a Drives repair Workshop (for AC/DC units and soft starters) where we can carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of the equipment in less than 72 hours.

Quotation and Repair

Final Inspection and Warranty

Quotation and Repair

After diagnosis, we generate a quotation and, if accepted by the customer, we can have your equipment ready in less than 72 hours.

Budgets in less than 72 hours

All our budgets include repair, and if needed, also the corresponding preventive maintenance, the exchange unit and / or a new unit.

Repair in less than 72 hours

We are trained to repair or offer another solution to the customer in less than 72 hours. An urgent matter for our customer is also an urgent matter for us.

Final Inspection and Warranty

We check all the units before sending them back, although it is very difficult to reproduce the operating conditions of the customer. That is why we offer a guarantee on the services of 1 year and, on the used spare parts used, those gived by the manufacturer.

Testing of all units

The repaired units are tested in EXEL before being returned to the customer to guarantee its perfect operation.

URGENT Repairs

If the client needs it, in less than 48 hours we have everything solved.