Exel Service

The multidisciplinary team form Exel Industrial’s Technical Service brings together a high degree of knowledge in all sectors of the industry and has the capacity to meet all the needs of our customers in the field of Quality of electricity supply and Specialized Technical Assistance: Networks analysis, Start-up, Repairs and Maintenance of frequency converters, DC drives, Active filters, etc.


Service and commissioning

The start-up of any installation is one of the crucial moments for its future correct operation. We are experts in different brands and equipment, so we make sure that everything starts, and continues in an optimal way



Being farsighted is one of the keys in EXEL in order to increase the reliability and durability of our customer’s facilities. We always bet on a good preventive and predictive maintenance.


Drives repair Workshop

We have a Drives repair Workshop (for AC/DC units and soft starters) where we can carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of the equipment in less than 72 hours.


Modernizations and retrofits

Modernizations and Retrofits extend the life of your machinery, while increasing the reliability and productivity of your equipment with the latest technologies on the market.


Analysis and supervision of electrical Installations

We coordinate and supervise electrical assemblies of any kind. Once the installation is finished or in existing facilities, we check the quality of the electricity supply and the efficiency of your equipment.