Modernizations and Retrofits extend the life of your machinery, while increasing the reliability and productivity of your equipment with the latest technologies on the market.




If a unit becomes obsolete, the entire company goes back in time. In EXEL we focus on the modernization of equipment as a way for processes to be more efficient and more productive and to make our customers gain competitiveness.

Once the units and process are studied, we present a solution adapted to the possibilities of each customer, economic or productive, so that you can improve your equipment and processes without any obstacle.

Study of equipment and processes

EXEL carries out a study of the equipment and processes in order to offer the best solutions in the market.

Step by step, or all at once

Depending on each customer, EXEL offers the possibility of facing the reform once or step by step.

Engineering of the Change

Before starting the work, we perform measurements that we will check against the final result.

Subsequently, we will deliver an engineering specifying all the changes to be made with a detailed plan.

Final inspection

Once the works is completed, we take data from the new values ​​and compare them with the old ones in order to check the real improvements we have achieved.


The old analog converters can be transformed into modern digital equipment with the highest performance. We also deal with modernizing their PLC’s and Scada systems in order to have ease of spare parts and services that do not depend on just a few people.

Without interfering more time than necessary in Production, we take care of replacing and configuring your old PLC’s and / or converters.